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Team and Individual Photography

 We provide our services to leagues that include several teams as well as to individual team. Managers or parents looking for a better choice in photography, we are the answer!

Our photos are more than just snapshots. They are professional-quality sports portraits that athletes and their family members can share with their friends and relatives. They will create a lasting memory of this seasons events.

CGPHOTOS has the experience in creating excellent images and will treat each athlete as our client

We also have additional staff on hand to help make your photo day event run smoothly. We pay attention to all the details that go into making your photo day a success.

The CGPHOTOS Advantage
       Experienced Photography
o    CGPHOTOS has over 20 years of experience in sports photography.   
o    CGPHOTOS utilize the latest digital cameras and equipment.
o    We take extra time to get each portrait right by using a posing assistant.
o    Experience in portrait and commercial photography, we know how to use natural lighting or studio lighting for our indoor programs and pleasing lighting for our outdoor programs.
   On-location commercial experiences, we create the best background from your playing fields, and/or tournament space.   

       Customer Service
o    Our phone number and website are clearly displayed on all of our literature. Additionally, our  lab is staffed 7 days a week to answer calls. We proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
o    Fast & guaranteed turn around time.

       Making Photo Day  a Successful Day
o    Uniformed staff, banners, displays, and courtesy tables keep Photo Day running smoothly and show that your league uses a true professional photography company!
o    Our goal is to help athletes and their families, coaches and directors have a pain free photoday event. We plan with you in advance, so we can provide order forms well before it's needed. 

o    CGPHOTOS offers Flexible schedules & locations and will schedule a Photo Day that is convenient for your teams based on their needs and help organizers create your photo day event schedule, and provide staff and equipment for your event according to the needs of athletes and teams being photographed.
o     Athletes photos taken individually allowing others to practice.

         Competitive Pricing
 o    Our Pricing is among the lowest in the industry.
 o    CGPHOTOS offers Affordable photo packages. Please visit our "Photo Packs"  page for a complete listing of items.

        We are the Lab
o    Being the lab gives us complete control over quality and turnaround time.

        Online Ordering & Order Forms Available
o    Easy online ordering is available. "Online Order Form"  No more order forms to fill out.
o    Printed order forms are available. 
o    Re-ordering is available online made easy.

        Extensive Product Selection
o    CGPHOTOS leads the way with exclusive Products that are the Cutting Edge, Quality and  Professional.
o    Great variety of products from Magazine Covers, Mouse Pads to Key Tags. Please visit our "Products" page for a complete listing of specialty items.
o    Customized products with your leagues logo or organization.

          Photo Day Process 
                  o    Schedule : We begin by scheduling your dates and times!
                  o    Order forms : We send out our order form links 2 weeks ahead of photo day so parents can have time to choose their packages!
                  o    30 min. arrival : We ask that all teams arrive 30 mins prior to photo time to ensure everyone is there to start taking photos!.
                  o    Delivery : Your finished photos will be delivered within 3 -4 weeks of the photo day. Talk to us about our delivery methods!


Latest Work

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 Lowell Swim Club Team Photos
 Vittum Cats Wrestling Club

Team Managers and Coaches

CGPHOTOS can come to your practice or Game at no charge to take Team and Individual photos.
Just call us at 708-207-2754 or email to schedule an appointment.




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